Real Equities Asset Management works with its clients to ensure proper execution of their strategic plan for their real estate holdings. Or, if no strategic plan exists, we will develop one that meets our clients short-term and long-term goals. Our services add more value than the typical asset manager’s occasional property visits and generic reporting systems. And, we have an extensive management, marketing, finance, development and construction history.

We work alongside your designated property management company to maximize the performance of your real estate holdings. We act as the owner’s representative with your management company, eliminating the need for routine involvement from you. We gather information from your management company and analyze daily, weekly and monthly performance to determine trends and come up with innovative ways to capitalize on your asset’s market potential.

Our quarterly property visits include a detailed scoring system that identifies deficiencies which may have a deleterious impact on your bottom line. Capital improvements are carefully reviewed to determine the scope, timing and appropriateness of large expenditures. To help you prioritize your activities, we classify capital improvements into several categories; deferred maintenance, safety and liability, obsolescence and income producing.

Rental rates are reviewed continuously to balance growth and its economic impact on occupancy. Furthermore, we employ an analytical and benchmarking approach to grading your asset’s performance in our monthly financial and annual budget review, providing you with unparalleled information.

While it is important to monitor market comparables, it is equally important to understand demographic trends. As creative problem solvers, we will gather comprehensive historical and future demographic data to understand where the market is heading. Is it time for an exit strategy or time for reinvestment of capital?

Let Real Equities Asset Management be your real estate advisor.


That’s the REAL promise.


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