As the first step in our five point diagnostic evaluation, a thorough income and expense review will be completed in order to assess the financial performance of your real estate assets. We will provide a comparative analysis utilizing key industry benchmarks. We will compare properties of similar age, style and size while identifying any prevailing trends. Our evaluation will also include specific step-by-step recommendations for immediate improvement to the bottom line.

As with any organization, the best of plans can fail due to poor execution. Is it a result of weak organizational management, poor strategic planning, lack of training, miscast personnel or simply underperformance? We will carefully analyze each one of these areas and determine if and where a breakdown is occurring. Our recommendations will include a confidential organizational assessment to help guide you through your staffing decisions.

Our evaluation will provide an overview of the real estate asset’s ability to generate increasing revenue over the next several years. We will identify major physical maintenance concerns and areas of obsolescence. Our analysis will focus primarily on the physical improvements that will generate additional rental revenue – providing the demographics support increasing rents. We will also identify those items that may not be visible to the customer and may pose a considerable liability to the owner. The physical review will include a scored assessment, which grades the asset’s ability to compete in the current market.

More often than not, a management company will recommend spending money to improve an asset. However, these recommendations rarely come with an analysis of which improvements have a more likely opportunity to increase rental revenue. As part of your strategic plan, is your goal to maintain the net operating income (NOI) in a weak market? Or, to position the NOI for substantial growth over the next several years? Our analysis will not only review the current market comparables to identify how your assets stack up, but will also include a comprehensive historical and future demographic trend analysis to identify where the market is heading. Why spend money in the hopes to generate higher rents when the demographics do not support it? Lastly, we will identify all vacant, zoned multifamily land, multifamily building and permits assigned in the pertinent markets, so you have a clear picture of where you stand.

If you do not know where you are heading, it is likely you will not know when you get there. Strategic planning directs where an organization and/or assets of the organization head over the next year or more, how it is going to get there and when you will know if it got there or not. After a thorough organizational and/or asset review, we will work with your key designates to develop a strategic plan which compliments your organizational goals.


That’s the REAL promise.


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